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Shubhankar Consulting works for both home and abroad as it caters inland local, regional, international and multinational organizations. As we provide Multinational Staffing Services in Bangladesh, we search for employees who desire and are fit for overseas employment. While conducting this search we have to extra cautious. We know that working overseas can be troublesome, but with us, you will get the best multinational staffing agency.

Shubhankar Consulting is the right partner to render recruitment service in Bangladesh because we undergo a thorough and detailed hiring process. We aspire high to make the right decisions and get the right candidates onboard for our clients. For every recruitment, we go through logical and step-by-step process for our clients.
Today’s overseas job market is filled with scams. In such a situation our full concentration is to ensure that the employees are having a good time working on a multinational level. We take their responsibility so that we can hold on to our reputation.
Our staffing team takes good care of your employees from hiring them to the time of their departure. Our staffing plan includes a list of services.

Confidential Documentation for Recruiters

We are very strict in terms of keeping documentation as we value secrecy and confidentiality the most. We take the best care for your organizational interest, so we maintain and keep strict confidentiality regarding your documentation process of the recruiter very thoroughly. We take the following documents for overseas working purposes:

  • Original visa advice
  • Consulate letter
  • Demand letter
  • Power of attorney
  • Duel employment contracts

All the papers must be notarized by both the Chamber of Commerce and the Bangladesh Missions (Embassies and High Commissions) of the host country.

Visa Advice/Work Permit

We ask for documents regarding permission from the country of employment. The permission has to be in the form of Visa advice/NOC/Work permit. Without these documents, no applicant can move to the next procedure.

Demand Letter

Next, we ask for a job order. The foreign employer needs to send a proper job order that includes the type and category of workers needed for the job. The papers also include the terms of the job and the benefits they are willing to offer. The papers contain the specifications of the employer’s name, address, and contact number.

Standard Employment Contract

We ask for a standard employment contract too. The employer has to send the Employment Agreement along with the demand letter, NOC, and Power of Attorney. The Employment Agreement must be consistent with the Bangladeshi Standard of the work environment. Working hours, leave, a probation period, overtime, etc. are part of this agreement.

Recruitment Agreement

Next, comes the recruitment agreement. In this part, the employer adds the business relationship, responsibilities of the parties, monetary consideration, etc. This is an important part of the whole process because this creates the value of the job.

Power of Attorney

We are authorized as Power of Attorney in the events of visa stamping in Bangladesh. The Power of Attorney along with the demand letter must be attested by an authorized person from the Embassy of Bangladesh in the host country. This makes the papers stronger.

Immigration Formalities

Our team conducts the employee’s immigration formalities too. We obtain Recruitment Permission and Immigration Clearance from BMET under the ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Foreign & Employment for the workers before their departure.

Orientation Before Departure

Our Multinational Staffing Agency also arranges for orientation before departure of the employees. This is to make them aware of the working situation they are about to face. We try to prepare them for the new challenges they are about to face.

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