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Shubhankar Consulting offers a corporate staffing agency in Bangladesh that stands on a higher level than the rest in the field. The key to our success is working in an organizing manner. We do our job seriously with a view to rendering the best service to you. We know the corporate job scopes, that is why it is easier for us to work for you.

When we conduct a recruitment procedure we try to bring you people, according to your job specifications. For that, we have to study the job description with open eyes. Moreover, we keep caution when we evaluate those candidates before presenting them in front of you.
Evaluating the candidate’s skills is the most difficult task in staffing. We make sure that not a single candidate is passed undervalued or overvalued. We verify their skills in various recruitment processes. On the whole, we bring you the most skilled employees for your business.
After the recruitment process, we take the responsibility to make them understand the job roles. We know that operating a business itself is a tiresome job, so we don’t want you to waste your time in managing the recruits. Therefore, at first, we prepare them accordingly and confirm employment.

Our staffing agency does its job in four different criteria:


Our team consists of expert recruiters who are experienced in the specified job fields. Before employing a new recruit we go through the meeting minutes we took while discussing the job description. Only those who match those criteria are approached with the next step.
We leave no scope to complain when it comes to doing our job. That is how we hold our reputation. In this part, we choose only eligible candidates for further employment procedure. When we get approval from the clients we offer the candidates the jobs they applied for.


The training of the candidates starts from the very first day of their employment. The purpose of the training program is to make them aware of the company culture and policy. This is a way of enhancing their skills. Your business runs at a faster pace when your employees are skilled like no other employee.
Another purpose of the training program is to work as an ice-breaker. After headhunting, the new experienced candidate may face difficulties in dealing with the new environment and new team. We arrange these training sessions so that both the parties can be benefitted from the session.


Rewarding is what keeps the employees motivated. If you know how to keep your employee satisfied, your business will grow like a tree from the magic beans. We apply this strategy to make the best out of your employees.
Your resources are made the best use of by rewarding. We take the responsibility to manage your resources and distribute them equally among the employees. When they get what they expected from the job, their motivation keeps intact.


The final step of staffing is to keep the employees loyal to the company. If you can’t retain your employees in their positions, there is no way your company can grow. Our expert staffing team takes the proper steps to keep your employees loyal to your company.
We arrange various programs to hold the interest of the employees working for you. This also creates a greater market value for your company. If your employees give a good review of your company then it is good for your business.

Shubhankar Consulting works as your value partner as we create value for your organizations by providing the value-added services. We get started with recruiting the right team members for you. It continues throughout the whole corporate staffing process. Our corporate staffing agency makes your company attain your desired accomplishment in the most convenient way.

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Shubhankar Consulting, Chartered Accountants and Management Consultants SEL Trident Tower, 57 VIP Road, Dhaka - 1000, Bangladesh

Tel # 88-02-48318138

Cell # +88-01712298498

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