While searching for a suitable candidate for a post the organization goes through a detailed step-by-step process to find out the right fit. This process does drain out a lot of energy, efforts, time and money for the organizations if they want to do it by themselves. In this case, opting out Shubhankar Consulting is the best decision to get the right people in the right place.

Shubhankar Consulting is the right partner to render recruitment service in Bangladesh because we undergo a thorough and detailed hiring process. We aspire high to make the right decisions and get the right candidates onboard for our clients. For every recruitment, we go through logical and step-by-step process for our clients.

Hiring Need Identification

Before going for the recruitment process, we identify the vacant positions. They can be either vacated positions or new additions. Whatever may the case be, the hiring staff makes the list of job requirements. This list includes the candidate’s special qualifications and experiences as well as the characteristics of the job. We provide hiring identification service in Bangladesh with professional assessment.

Promoting Job Opportunity

The next step is to let others know about the job vacancy. Our team first approaches in the house searching to collect referrals which results in trusted links. Then we approach company websites, other job sites, social media, job fairs, and industry publications. We seek out qualified candidates in various job sites. That way we don’t miss out on opportunities even for those who are not currently looking for new job opportunities.

Recruitment Strategy

Our hiring team follows an in-depth recruitment strategy and it comprises of the following:

Job Analysis

A clear view of the tasks to be done and how to do them is discussed under job analysis. The purpose of job analysis is to detail the employment procedure such as selecting the candidates, offering training, compensation as well as performance appraisal.

This job analysis is also conducted in multiple steps:

  • Gathering job information
  • Maintaining accuracy
  • Collecting job description matching the job information
  • Ascertaining the knowledge and skills required for the job
Job Description & Job Specification

Our staff members from the hiring team think through about the nature of the job and what educations, skills, experience, and personalities take to get the job done. After framing out all of these aforementioned factors, they develop the job description and job specification for individual positions matching with job advertisements, specific requirements etc.

It includes the following processes:

  • Categorizing job
  • Sorting new resources
  • Transfers and promotions
  • Analyzing the career path
  • Future development of work standards

We cover the following elements in the job description:

  • Title
  • Location
  • Summary of the job
  • Conditions of the job
  • Supervision process
  • Health hazards
  • Job duties
  • Required kits, tools and equipment

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