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Shubhankar Consulting is one of most eminent human resource management organizations in Bangladesh and we provide best service while it’s for manpower solutions. We hold this position by the virtue of our relentless works and dedication. We bring out to you with the right people you need to get your organization grow and excel.

Employee administration has to be conducted sincerely being staff members are the only living and emotional factors of production and without human resources, no other resources would get utilized to reach the organizational objectives. In this complicated situation, we come to assist you manage your organization with the best available human capital solution.

Manpower Service

We have a pool of dedicated team members to support you reach your expectations. They thoroughly analyze your requirements and arrange our services according to them. We have years of experience in the area of work we do. Our services cover manpower planning with need assessment followed by its supply, entire human capital consultancy, contract labor, and many others. The services are client specified which results in better appreciation.

Office setup plays a huge role in determining an organization’s future. We set your office with experts who can deliver the desired quality of the works, and tailor services according to your requirements. We follow a refined process to seek out dedicated manpower.

Manpower Supply

We exist for client’s satisfaction and this is our reason of being. We provide you the best quality of human resources in need. To achieve this goal we designed our organization with a dedicated expert and experienced hiring team members for each of our valued clients. Our hiring team enables us to meet the client’s specified needs. Our way of working is in cooperation with the clients.

We pick people with a strong technical and ethical backgrounds for your utmost satisfaction resulting sustainable solutions for your organization. We have a series of extensive networks to bring out the employees you need. The features of our manpower supply are affordable services, expert services, and satisfactory services.

Manpower Consulting

Our expert team members will provide you a clearer idea of your requirement specifications. We specialize in offering you the right advisory. We offer our clients a complete solution regarding supplying of human resources by conducting thorough tests and evaluation process.

We start our services from hiring to payroll management consultancy to quality manpower suggestions. The features of our manpower consultancy include client focusing services, reliable services, and affordable services. We own a rich industry experience that lets us offer our clients a complete solution regarding their specified needs and requirements.

Employees of a company make it grow. We value your need for the specified poll of people working for you. That is why we offer the best manpower services. We possess a patient hiring team who listens to each of your words. They work with you when it is needed to satisfy your necessities.

Adoption of a sensible approach with consideration for business requirement is our specialty. As a leading and well recognized human resource management organization in Bangladesh. We ensure that you get engaged with your core business and you provide you the best human resource solutions.

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Shubhankar Consulting, Chartered Accountants and Management Consultants SEL Trident Tower, 57 VIP Road, Dhaka - 1000, Bangladesh

Tel # 88-02-48318138

Cell # +88-01712298498

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