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At Shubhankar Consulting we provide manpower headhunting service in Bangladesh very seriously. A company cannot grow if it only works with recruits. It may lack the guidance it needs from the experienced persona in the industry. Through headhunting that lack be fulfilled and add gravity to your business.

One of the greatest business strategies is making an amalgamation of new and old. Headhunting creates the opportunity to enrich the vigor of your young employees with the proper pathway. In our headhunting service, we try to seek out the experts in your required field to keep your company moving forward.

Our expert hiring team conducts headhunting in a very systematic way. There are four steps in our apt headhunting process.

Job Description

When we look for a suitable candidate to work for you, we don’t just rush into any face we get. Our search starts with help from you. We arrange for proper sitting with our clients to get accurate knowledge about your job specifications.
We zero down the job description and candidate description from our client. This helps us to maintain a clear mind while searching for the right choice. In the detailed briefing meeting with the clients, we determine the company culture, market standing, structure, stability, growth, and future plans. Then we look for the appropriate candidate for the position.


Outlining strategies is important before starting the main search. When we sit with our clients, we know what sort of services they want from us. Our work starts from there. After the initial meeting, we outline how we are going to search for and approach the candidates.

We start with industry analysis. This gives us an idea about how a certain industry works and what type of candidate will be most suited for it. An organization map lets us find the appropriate candidate for headhunting.

Potential Candidates

The most complicated part of headhunting is to approach the potential candidates. Our team keeps an open eye to all industry functions, referrals, and job searches for potential candidates. We personally interview those candidates who appear to be a perfect fit for the job.
We take caution while approaching a very experienced candidate. We use the competency-based interview technique and take preparation for each assignment. Each interview may last a long time and in a formal environment. During the process, we assess each candidate against the key criteria.


Only after completing successful interview sessions, we shortlist the candidates who match the job description. Our team prepares extensive reports on each of the candidates. The report includes the candidates’ fitment for the job, their requirements, and additional information if needed.
After that, the report is presented in front of our clients. From there they choose the ones who they want to work for them. Our job does not end here. Approaching the job offer and negotiating with the candidates are also done by us. We listen to them if they have any queries regarding the job policy. We do the best negotiation on behalf of our clients.

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