& Audit.

CFO Services

A good number of small and medium enterprises don’t have Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) in place or they have CFOs on board recently, but they have missed a good number of earlier months to map the financial system of the business.

Here at Shubhankar Consulting, we help these organizations by using our experience and analysis by developing the system for financial environment, financial reporting, governance, internal control. We also help them to comply with all regulatory issues including the issues of incorporation and submission of yearly returns and others by updating all the structures and the books along with income tax and VAT compliances.


Computation of Taxes

We calculate taxes owed, prepare tax returns, and make sure taxes are paid correctly and on time.

Compliance with Rules

We examine financial accounts for accuracy and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Inspect Books for Efficiency

We examine accounting books and systems for efficiency and compliance with recognized accounting processes, and we organize and maintain financial records.

Assess Operations to Increase Profitability

We examine financial operations and provide recommendations to management based on best practices. We also propose cost-cutting, revenue-boosting, and profit-boosting ideas.


We work with both new organizations and already established organizations. We become their financial reporting architects. Here our purpose is to optimize use of resources through the financial reporting alongside information management and data integrity which helps a lot to know the actual position of the organizations.
We entered into a long term contract with the organizations and served them on a month to month basis and prepared the monthly books before the monthly performance meeting of the management.


Proper cash flow management is the key to succeed through your business operations. Prudent management of expenses, revenue, payables, receivables, bad debts and inventory are the prerequisites for proper cash flow management. To know the entire process, an organization requires to have its proper bookkeeping system in place as a foundation of financial administration.
We prepare your books through a participatory development process of charting accounts and coding. We become your accountability partners to ensure your financial strategy and measure your financial progress.