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Social Sector .

In many nations around the world, the relationship between the government and the charity sector is at a critical crossroads. The rise in government support for charities, particularly through acquisition of service contracts, has increased rivalry among organizations and fueled calls for greater accountability and outcome evaluation, forcing the government to enact more programmatic and administrative control.

Through advice on fundraising, communications, digital marketing, executive search, and other topics, we assist government and nonprofit organizations achieve their objectives. We provide a wide range of services, all of which are aimed to increase your organization's efficacy and efficiency, and help you succeed.

Key reasons to work with
Shubhankar Consulting:

  • We’ve more than 20-year long non-profit sector expertise in value-driven advisory and consulting particularly in audit, assurance, accounting, financial management, process improvement, policy and instruments development for operations, sustainability and strategic management.
  • We listen to you first - Tell us your story - We meet you at your current status but we want to know your PAST and FUTURE – We listen to you at first and we’ve time for that.
  • We’re like you - Likewise our team members have held similar positions and understand your challenges and opportunities.
  • We’re pragmatic and we’ll not bombard you at all, rather we’ll be your partner to move your mission forward.
  • We’re motivators and catalysts and we can provide you the tools and strategy you need to change your world.

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We work with established nonprofits, local, regional and global development organizations that are well-positioned – with inspiring staff, engaged boards and sustainable development footprints. They work with us to increase their impacts through our consultation, organizational development, assurance, accounting and financial management, operational and strategic planning and board governance services.

Services We Offer to Non-Profit Sector

Strategic Planning

To assist our clients through an organized manner we follow an effective and efficient process for strategic planning.

Inside Out:

We explore your current situations through internal analysis and make a detailed listing of strengths and weakness.


  • Assess entire stakeholders including self
  • Critical and neutral assessment of past success and challenges
  • Development of future prudent goals
Outside In:

We conduct an entire market analysis akin to Porter’s five forces model and SWOT analysis including stakeholders’ analysis through which we get opportunities and threats matrix.


  • Detailed relevant external analysis to link the same with the results of internal analysis
  • Develop the intra-organizational and inter-organizational ecosystem
  • Set up priorities aligning with the vision of the organization
  • Revamp the team spirits
Revised Integration to create a bold action plan:

Reconnect and redefine the goals with the current and forthcoming situations through updated assessment of current and forthcoming structure of all stakeholders. We conduct participatory planning exercises where the revised goals of the organizations are aligned with organizational values, culture to develop a strong plan of action.


  • Develop the entire plan with resource mapping and time schedules
  • Establish responsibility centers
  • Transform mission to execute
Non-Profit Fundraising:

Shubhankar Consulting raises more funds for your mission with the help of its experienced nonprofit fundraisers. We start our works through understanding where your organization has the greatest opportunity for growth and develop a strategy to help you grow your supporters and donors.

Our fundraising consulting services include:

  • Activation DIY (Do It Yourself) fundraising strategy
  • Peer to peer communications
  • Scheduling and set calendars of fund raising events
  • Donor acquisition campaigns
Non-Profit Marketing Services

We help your non-profit organizations stay front and center in an ever-changing world, our suite of nonprofit marketing services can take your outreach strategy to the next level. We’ll assess your nonprofit’s current fundraising Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), goals and build a marketing plan that seamlessly meets your needs.

Our nonprofit marketing consultant services include:

  • Nonprofit marketing strategy
  • Social & organic content management
  • Copywriting
  • Nonprofit event planning
  • Web marketing
Data Analysis for Non-Profit Strategic Planning

We make your things happen through data analysis. Make your data work for you. We will guide your nonprofit in setting your analytics framework so your organization can best use its data to develop smarter strategies.

We provide the following data analysis services:

  • Data review and analysis
  • KPI identification and goal setting
  • Data mapping
  • Data segmentation
  • Donation performance benchmarking
Non-Profit Website development and Relevant Strategy Development

From registering your domain name to designing and managing your site, our skilled developers will optimize your digital strategy for maximum outreach and engagement. Our team of website development experts help you optimize your online presence to meet your current goals and plan for the future.

Our nonprofit website development process encompasses all of the following:

  • Information gathering and discovery
  • Nonprofit website architecture and design
  • Programming and development
  • Content migration
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Nonprofit website launch
  • Nonprofit website maintenance
Non-Profit Technical Strategy

Get more from your nonprofit software by working with experienced technology consultants.
As part of your technology road mapping, we’ll help you document, analyze, and streamline your organizational processes with easy-to-use technology solutions. We’ll also help you find ways to consolidate the number of software and technologies or switch to those that best suit your needs. That way, you can save valuable donor dollars and spend more time focused on what matters — your mission.

Our technical assistance for nonprofits can help you maximize all your software, including:

  • Nonprofit website and Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Social media management platforms
  • Nonprofit communications and marketing channels
  • Reporting and analytics tool