& Private Equity.

We recognize that private equity is not just about the transaction but also about a continuous cycle of fundraising & portfolio management.

The global private equity industry is continually confronted with new needs and problems. As a result of lower returns during the global financial crisis, some investors are taking a more cautious approach to the asset class, making fundraising even more difficult. Investors are increasingly looking for higher returns in exchange for lower expenses and more transparency.

Although most developed economies' post-crisis economic recovery has been gradual, the private equity sector appears to be cautiously optimistic as banking markets continue to revive. However, high asset prices and a predicted low-growth economic environment in most developed nations in the medium term will force General Partners to work harder and smarter in order to add value to their portfolios.

This will necessitate a greater operational understanding of targets prior to acquisition, as well as more likely value-adding intervention under ownership. As a result, advisers will need a solid understanding of the relevant business sectors and of organizations from both an operational and strategic standpoint. Clarity is critical in today's tough business climate, and we can give it.

Our employees, drawing on worldwide expertise from other parts of the company, are well positioned to assist funds in addressing the challenges of these more benign market conditions, capturing opportunities in high-growth developing economies, and ultimately adding value for your investors.

The Future of Investing
Includes Impact.

Private Equity is uniquely positioned to champion commercial oppourtunities for positive social and environmental outcomes.

As establishing a strong purpose becomes a regular feature of all businesses, it will create a fertile pipeline for private equity firms across the board, allowing them to invest in new technologies and breakthroughs that will positively affect and evolve industries and everyday life. The potential for the private equity business are numerous, including leading the recovery and demonstrating the benefits of impact investing.

A startup is a business that is still in its early phases of development. One or more entrepreneurs form a startup to produce a product or service for which they feel there is a market. These businesses typically start with high costs and low revenue, which is why they seek funding from a number of sources, including venture capitalists.