Business Process Outsourcing .

Business Process Outsourcing .

Reinventing Business Processes is critical. We innovate Reinvention

BPS: Reinventing BPO with Intelligent Operations

In today’s dynamic market, where physical and digital realms merge, it is critical to ensure that companies do not become myopic with traditional revenue streams, and business processes. The only constant in today’s world is change and Shubhankar Consulting aims to provide data driven insights to reorganise your business processes to ensure a sustainable revenue stream over the foreseeable future.

With our dynamic team of functional experts and deep industry experience we know for a fact that every client is unique and the solutions we provide reflect that.


Supply Chain remodelling

A critical element to the Cost of Sales of any company, the supply chain can have profound impacts on the bottom line. Through a through diagnosis we will identify the appropriate cost drivers and problem areas within your supply chain. Through that we will be able to remodel and create a leaner more efficient network.

Compliance as a Service

Our experts will keep your business updated with the latest compliance changes and manage risks accordingly. This will ensure coherence with the ethical outlook of your business and aid in sustainability.

Sales and Customers Operations

We will readjust or completely transform your sales, marketing and customer service operations based on the market conditions and state of current operations

HR Reorganisation

We will create fitting HR policies and guidelines to make the most out of your payroll. A motivated and efficient workforce can make or break your company.


With ever growing competition in this industry, our experts will retransform your banking model into an agile counterpart and ingrain sustainability.


Review your offerings and premiums associated and improve overall operations and profitability

Case Studies

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