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Introduction and Challenges

Training and capacity building activities are the key to keep all of us relevant, updated and useful to handle the contemporary organizational challenges.

Shubhankar & Co., believes in life-long-learning philosophy and in the same time, team members of Shubhankar & Co., are very interested in sharing their experiences of learning organizations.

We love skill development and that’s what our learning solutions have been designed for all our current and prospective clients.

Again, we believe learning outcomes matter most for any organization to succeed in a sustainable fashion.

Our Approach

Learning is a journey that should be meaningful for everyone. That’s why we’re committed to delivering high impact learning solutions that drive skills acquisition and translate the same to action

We know that your learning environment has specific and unique challenges, and we’re ready cope with there.

Our team will help you build an actionable plan that focuses on developing the skills your workforce needs the most.

We form a joint team (members of Shubhankar & Co. and your organization) to dig deep about the Training/Learning Need Assessment and then we do all the follow-up and follow-through activities like together we will identify, develop, set and then celebrate your amazing KPIs.

We’re with you every step of the way

Shubhankar Consulting ADVANTAGE

By delivering crucial training at the point of need, ramp-up time is shortened, and employees can actively learn by doing. Employee knowledge and information retention are reinforced by using the value added contents along with reference materials provided in structured training programs.

Creating a comprehensive onboarding programs help creating bonds with the new hires and we advise the organizations to provide them with all access to all the tools, information, and training they need to be successful, which goes a long way towards boosting job satisfaction and employee retention.

When you create, manage, update, and distribute a single version of training and reference content on specific operational procedures, you ensure employees are providing consistent, superior customer experiences

Getting up to speed and building expertise requires access to key training, coaching, and reference contents. With our value added contents at their fingertips, employees will have the confidence they need to be the experts your stakeholders want.

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