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Introduction and Challenges

The key challenge of many leaders is to effectively overcome self-limiting beliefs and system “interference", while delivering business results building positive relationships.

Shubhankar Consulting builds capable organizations by developing agile leaders and teams.

Why you choose Shubhankar Consulting for building your team and organization

We believe that mentoring and coaching activities are about helping both individuals and organizations reach levels of performance excellence.

We believe that proper admix of mentoring, coaching and facilitation helps a lot to build effective team which enables an organization to be responsive and handles all the adversities in any types of hard times as it builds proper leadership capability.

We work with executives, managers, leaders and high potential to tailor a solutions focused partnership, for specific skill-building and career transition situations.


Our facilitation encourages maximum participation and engagement as groups tackle complex and challenging situations:

  • leader transitions
  • decision making
  • strategic planning
  • creating the vision
  • change management
  • team alignment and development
  • leader assessments

Our goal is to help leaders understand their deeper purpose, and drive business performance through transformational leadership with their teams.

Contact info.

Shubhankar Consulting, Chartered Accountants and Management Consultants SEL Trident Tower, 57 VIP Road, Dhaka - 1000, Bangladesh

Tel # 88-02-48318138

Cell # +88-01712298498

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