Highly Value-Added HR Advisory and Consulting

We offer value added advisory and consulting services and our services include all types of management consulting services.

We solve all HR issues by staying out of the traditional route. We keep our toes always on the recent changes and updates regarding the HR laws along with updated issues of income tax and VAT. Our team members are agile and adaptive to commensurate with the all changes, updates and latest developments.

Our outsourced payroll services include solutions in various sectors:

  • Efficient Management of Payroll and Planning for Taxation
    Our team members are the best architects for managing payroll and related taxation issues. We develop customized payroll and taxation trackers so that all issues are complied fully;
  • End-to-End payroll processing
    We offer full payroll processing from beginning to end where you don’t have to take any headache;
  • Optimize your HR cost by managing the time and attendance
    Time or hour is one of the most critical factor against wrong payroll calculation; we are very much adept to that and we are strongly confident to save your money and time along with all unwanted altercations with the staff members.
  • Real Time Outsourced Payroll Management with relevant tax management
    We provide real time outsourced payroll services and your trusted partner of progress, Shubhankar Consulting a click away – just contact us for any type of assistance, we will reach you to work with you as your extended team members;
  • Managing Finance related with HR Functions is our Core Expertise
    Managing and utilizing finance related with payroll and other HR functions at its best possible efficient manner is one of the most critical task of entire HR management. We know how to manage and utilize money for the best interest of the organization alongside managing the HR for the full optimization to achieve the organizational objectives. We will help you reach all of these critical objectives;
  • Cloud-Based Automated Payroll Management with Full-Fledge Payroll MIS
    Data is ultimate fuel to accelerate your business and Shubhankar Consulting here to gear you up with its data and database management system. We generate unique set of valuable data for state-of-the-art payroll management. Find here a glimpse of this service:
    (i) Web-enabled payroll and HR technology platform
    (ii) Updating salary records and bringing changes if necessary
    (iii) Monthly reports are provided on Pay Register, Reconciliation, and Service Reports
    (iv) Customized and automated MIS as per client requirement
  • Customized Report for relevant activities to manage end-end-payroll
    We at Shubhankar Consulting understand the value of different types of relevant reports that assist our clients at lot to get prepared in a proactive way along with it aids in decision making. Find here a good number of relevant components of a payroll report we prepare for our clients:
    (i) Accounting and bookkeeping portion of the payroll reports;
    (ii) Staff benefit services
    (iii) Payroll and tax processing along with submission of tax returns with total tax compliance;
    (iv) Human resource tracking;
    (v) Preparation of payroll slip;
    (vi) Preparation of Salary Certificate for income tax filing;
    (vii) Staff compensation services.
  • Payroll Tax Management
    Compliance with payroll taxes of the employees are the responsibility of the organization and here we support our clients with total solutions regarding payroll tax management, Find here a brief account of our services regarding payroll tax management:
    I.Preparation and computation of all employees’ monthly payroll tax matters;
    (ii) Quarterly payroll tax computation;
    (iii) Semi-annual payroll tax computation with submission of tax return to the tax office;
    (iv) Annual payroll tax computation with submission of tax return to the tax office;
    (v) Year-end financial statements regarding payroll with different types of analysis and interpretations;
    (vi) Monthly Cashflow Management Preparation regarding payroll