Outsourced Payroll Service

You probably think that your organization is a fully-fledged one and it would be prudent that you manage all aspects of HR functions as for instance you would like to manage your payroll on your own.

But, in the real sense, it would not be a judicious idea, rather it would burn out your energy, more resources in respect of time and money with a shabby result. And, for that reason, the big organizations don’t do it on their own and they get it done by the professional consulting firms who are specialized in this field. Shubhankar Consulting would be your ideal partner for all types of HR and HR outsourcing functions so that you can focus your core business as you are liberated by Shubhankar Consulting in all types functions by in this aspect by liberating you from all the chores of HRM including recruitment, selection and on-boarding of employees, human resource outsourcing or contractual HR functions, payroll management and all other types of HR outsourcing.

Shubhankar Consulting provides end-to-one solutions for all types of HR functions starting with attracting the desired talents to staffing following a rigorous and sophisticated process. We at Shubhankar Consulting can offer the value for all types of HR activities and we can optimize your resources to the possible fullest level. Find here a brief note regarding our payroll services:

  • Our payroll experts understand all the issues of your payroll functions fully and they can assist you well to optimize your resources to manage the payroll;
  • We offer flexible and custom-made solutions to all types of HR issues
  • We work as your extended and integrated HR component and you can focus on your core business
  • We ensure that your all types of your HR functions are managed effectively and efficiently within well ahead of deadline
  • We minimize the HR costs to the maximum possible